My Little Story

I am just a mom trying to safely navigate my teenager through these treacherous years.

Teenagers are up against a monster…Today’s Society. Specifically I’m talking about drugs, alcohol, the media, peer pressure and decisions made by other parents.

In September, we sent our 16 year old son, kicking and screaming, to a military school. This came as a surprise to him as one day he was sitting in his Catholic high school, and the next day he was meeting his new fellow cadets.

This has not been easy for any of us, but the sleepless nights that followed my long, silent drive back home after leaving him in someone else’s hands, were unbearable. So I started to write.

Initially, my words were meant for my sister and other family members, but luckily others have found it. I’ve been writing about this journey as honestly as I possibly can, and now I think I’m over the “What will people think?” phase.

Prayer, talks with girlfriends, support from his Catholic grade school community, strangers, and strength from my wonderful faith-filled family are all working together to create the best “village” a mom could pray for to help her child grow up to be a good man.

He’s going to make it – I’ll make sure of it.



5 thoughts on “My Little Story

  1. Jennifer,
    I admire your courage in writing this, and I’m sure there are many women out there like you. My daughter’s only 7, but I want to be aware of what you’re going through so I can do my best to protect her from it. Thanks for sharing your story with me.

    Anna Diaz

  2. Hi Jennifer,you are truly amazing to do this for your will be blessed,your child will thank you one day!! Stay strong,believe .

  3. Hi Jennifer,

    Just saw your post on our FB group. I have just read this one post, but will read more. You are so strong to be doing this for your son and remember this is a gift. You may be giving him the gift of his life. It is much better to endure this short term pain of missing him and questioning yourself, then to have him follow that dark road to substance abuse and/or addiction. There are a number of resources on my site if that is of any help to you. Thank you for sharing your journey. This blog will be helpful to many. Take care.

  4. Just read most of you posts for the first time. Was pointed to it from a post on the fb group, Parents of Addicted Teens. Really, I just read my own story (including the fact that I’m a teacher), emotions, attempts at supporting, setting limits, etc. We live in Berkeley, where marijuana (inc. synthetic marijuana) is like a 6th food group among many adults and most teens, and often coupled with excessive drinking. The military school will likely be coming up next fall. Thanks for posting. Best to you and your family. – Maggie “Breathe in – breathe out”

  5. Jennifer,
    I just read every one of your posts, in order, no stopping. Truely, you are amazing and M WILL thank you and love you for it, maybe just not now. I am worried about my 19 year old son who recently started “experimenting”. It’s hard when their over eighteen, they are in control of themselves, and it is so painful to stand there and helplessly watch.

    Be grateful you’re going through this now rather than later. If you have any advise you could share it would be appreciated. You and yours will be in my thoughts.

    You are a fabulous woman and you should be proud of yourself. You have inspired me and I will make good use of it!


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