143: So Very Different

The secret is out. And If you are new to the world of teenage-hood, then hang on to your hats…

Forget everything you remember about high school parties.

Even if you never attended the parties…you knew about them. And I bet you still remember who the really wild kids were too.

If you did attend these parties, perhaps you can still see their inebriated, sloppy faces jumping up and down to the beat of the loud music; or maybe you just picture them with their eyes partly-open while their bodies fall into a slumped position on a couch in a friend’s basement.

Here’s the bad news…It’s worse now. Parties are different. Drinking is different. Promiscuity is different. And the marijuana is different too. Each is even more insidious, frightening, risky, and destructive.


A few fear my honesty may hold M back from finding a job and finding a girlfriend in our community some day.

My fear is so, very different.


One thought on “143: So Very Different

  1. I agree with you 110%, the world we live in today is nothing like it was growing up as a teenager in the ’80’s. Your blog is an inspiration and what you are doing to keep your son safe is wonderful, he will thank you someday. And I would not worry about your honestly getting in the way of him finding a job or a girlfriend, you have succeeded in keeping him alive. In Johnson Country it is alarming how many teenagers are addicted to drugs and alcohol. Educating teens and parents and continuing to talk about these things is needed to break the cycle. Underage drinking is not a ‘rite of passage’.

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