141: Beacons #2, #3, and #4

Never underestimate the power of a few kind words. For when you throw an oar in at just the right moment, you could be the perfect push to help a worried mom ride a happy, peaceful, and holy wave.

And that’s exactly what happened Saturday with the arrival of the first beacon – a few, kind, simple words from a friend. With a strange, new confidence inspired by B’s Facebook message, I proclaimed my Mother’s Love Decree to M in the car. And it just got better from there.

We allowed him to visit a friend for a couple hours while we headed to Saturday evening mass. Driving into our church parking lot, I noticed a comment notification on my phone. KB had written me a note – and it was another beacon. Her words were honest and kind. (Those wonderful words also introduced me to my new friend.)

Sitting in church, I spotted another beacon. R and her family sat several pews away. We hadn’t seen each other since we moved out of the old neighborhood a year ago. As I scanned the pew for the taller, bigger versions of her triplets, I realized something nice. We were somehow closer today than we were when she lived just one yard away.

And then, another beacon. L had been sitting a few pews in front of us. At the end of mass she approached me kindly and leaned in to deliver these 3 words…

Row and pray.

Hmmm? So I leaned in this time, and questioned what she whispered. To that she instructed me to keep my oars in the water, keep rowing forward, and pray, pray, pray.

Got it.


We picked up M, and the four of us headed to his favorite burger place…and it was nice. Then we headed to the theater to watch my sweet step-daughter and her wonderful husband in their latest performance…and it was nice. We drove home…and it was nice, too.

In the morning, M and hung out together for a bit while M packed to return to the academy. They chatted about video games, I think.

I kissed him Goodbye, I told him I love you,” and then I got in the car and prayed. It was nice.


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