137: The Uncomplicated Days

I was home by 4:15 today. After playing with the dog in the backyard, dinner preparation began. Tonight would be an easy dinner because we still had leftovers from last night’s crock-pot special.

K came flying through the door at 5:15 with a big smile on his face after basketball practice, “Mom, I have good news and bad news about some test grades. What do you want first?”

After the test discussion, we settled into our seats at the kitchen table, where one chair always sits empty these days. K suggested I enter my new side dish into a food contest, “Mom, you would definitely win. This is so good.”

Then K excused himself and headed to the piano. He needed to prepare for his 7:00 lesson, and I headed to the basement to start laundry. On the way up, I heard K asking, “Mom, did Mr. R email you back yet? I really hope I can get on his baseball team.”

Next, he sat back down at the kitchen table to do homework. He did his math without asking any questions, but I did get to help him through some vocabulary practice. Then suddenly, “Mom, today I found my good copy of the Harry Potter book we are reading!” (You see, the copy he’s been reading has pages falling out, is tattered, torn, and discolored due to a big coffee spill.)

At 6:50, we hopped in the van and headed to his lesson. The car ride was quick…but sweet. Nothing spectacular, just perfectly ordinary. “Mom, are you going to stay for my lesson?”

I sat on the floor and read my book; it was nice and it was easy.


It’s so uncomplicated when they are younger. Mothering M through his teenage years has not been easy and it certainly has not come naturally for me. I second-guess myself, I get sad, I get frustrated, and I get scared.

I pray this all turns out okay.


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