133: At the Top of the Hole

Years ago, I would have considered marching into the District Attorney’s office and arguing…

What do you mean that my son doesn’t qualify for the “Diversion” program? Everybody’s kid at that party got “Diversion. So now he’s the only one that has to wait for a court appointed attorney to contact him, then he will have to stand before a judge, he’ll probably get a parole officer, and then to top it off…it will always be on his record. This is not right!

But today, my march is different.

The letter we received in the mail is just another step in this journey. Maybe this will get his attention.

Probably not, but maybe.

Dear Sweet M,

Society really does have rules you need to follow. As you continue to fight the system, you will need to prepare yourself for some excruciating lessons. It is hard for me to watch you go through this, but it will never change my feelings towards you, Sweet M –  I love you, and I always will. Certainly, someday you will tire of this stubborn fight you seem to be having with the society. My prayer for you is that you will wave the flag soon. But in the meantime know that my hand is right there at the the top of this stupid hole you seem to be digging.

Love you, Mom


2 thoughts on “133: At the Top of the Hole

  1. What an awesome analogy and how hard it must be to come to the point of acceptance you’re at. My first reaction,too, would be to stomp right into the DA’s office. I’m trying very hard these days to not fly off the handle which has been my instinctual reaction as long as I can remember…in fact, I used to be proud of it…I thought it made me a “fighter” (in the good sense of the word…as in “fighting for what I believe in”). I’ve come to understand that isn’t always the best course of action….it’s a humbling lesson to learn. You’ve learned it. I’m learning to learn it. And it sounds like M is on his way to learning it, thanks to you!! What a true “fighter” you are!!!!!

  2. Just got back from the Rehab Camp where i saw my son for the first time in 2 years. He will be training as a fire fighter and sent to camp after that. Camp is on the ‘honor’ system. He is clean and if you can stay clean in the ‘system’ you can stay clean anywhere. Hang tough M is worth it and so are you.

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