130: Good Advice

LDL…High.   Triglycerides…Way too high.   HDL…Borderline.   Glucose…Just a mere fraction from “pre-diabetic.”   My BMI places me in the “overweight” category.   Those little facts and statistics were given to me within minutes of the little prick to my finger. The results from all the other lab tests will come back next week.

That was just phase one. In two days my little monitor will arrive in the mail. Then, next week two more procedures will be completed.

I’m fairly certain that these tests will tell me what I already know…I am stressed. Certainly these little flutters I feel in my chest are just related to my concern for M and our family.


New strength has been coming from a former enemy…Facebook. There are dozens of “groups” out there with members who have worries just like mine. Tonight I read a post from a mother. She sounded so sad, so discouraged, and so defeated. Her words made me ache for her; it was obvious that her suffering was reaching new lows. So I wrote to her…

Stay strong – I know this is torture for you, but you’re stronger than you think you are. Please take care of yourself.”

After I posted that, I read it back to myself. Hmm. Good advice.

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