126: …but I am going to keep searching

It’s not like my brain isn’t still spinning; I just need to keep writing.

I’ve screamed all over the world today, but perhaps now I’m ready to speak (write) in a more articulate way. Here it goes…

It has started to become a bit more clear to me; each band-aid we’ve applied has eventually worn away. And so eventually, we try to secure a bigger and stronger one.

Are we searching again? I don’t know yet, but it is time to begin thinking about what we’ll do this summer, and then next school year.

It is difficult for me to understand so many parts of this, but I think the biggest mystery is why he doesn’t seem to care at all about consequences. That scares me.

I know he’s hurting as much as we are. There’s no way he isn’t.

And M, if you are reading this, know that my heart aches for any pain you are feeling. I just don’t know what to do for you…but I am going to keep searching.


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