125: Join Now (Before You Are As Tired As Me)

My mind hurts too much to write – but I needed to get this out.

By 12:57am, he and his friend were back at the academy.

I searched for a good quote to sum up my feelings, but nothing. So I’ll just spit it out myself…

I am just like every single one of you out there. I know that teens experiment sometimes, and teens drink sometimes, and teens do risky things sometimes, and they break rules sometimes, and they lie sometimes.

But when it becomes habitual, you feel desperate.

I’m a new member to this stupid, stupid club, and if you are in it too…you understand my despair. If you are not a member yet…I hope and pray that you are able to protect your family from it longer than we could.

But please…fight with me because this horror is spreading. I mean it. It’s invading our homes and devouring our babies.

I think that sums it up.


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