124: Huh?

I received an email from M just before today’s pep assembly. It read:

“I turned in all of my late assignments and because of this, First Sergeant _____ is now allowing ____ and me to come home over the weekend.”


Sitting on the gymnasium floor thoroughly perplexed, I searched for what I was feeling. My finding was that my confusion rested somewhere in between frazzled & concerned and excited & eager.

It was just 24 hours ago that I was openly appreciating the cut-and-dried rules that seemed so beautifully simple. And now I didn’t know how to feel. My thoughts were jumbled. On one hand…he hadn’t gotten in trouble because he used drugs or alcohol, but on the other hand… he still had broken a rule by skipping a class or two and having incomplete assignments.


Perhaps it was the spirited festivities happening all around me that brought me out of my furrowed brow mode. My excitement began to grow.

M is going to come home after all this weekend…and he’s bringing a fellow cadet.

Cross your fingers.


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