123: Old Me/New Me

     With the exception of holiday furloughs, this would have been his first weekend home since he left for the academy 5 months ago. I was excited…and a little nervous – but mostly excited.

My excitement manifested in the shape of domestic nesting. Last weekend, I cleaned his room, changed the sheets, and put out fresh towels. Meal preparations had begun too.


The procedure for a cadet to go home for a weekend is quite simple. A parent must first confirm that the weekend in question is an “open” weekend – no drills, no parades, no special events, etc. Then a parent calls the commandant to make the request. Next, the commandant connects with teachers and staff members to get an update. They give him an overall briefing of all things pertaining to the cadet in question. At that point the commandant will give his recommendation as to whether or not the projected weekend visit should be offered.

Well, he’s not coming. And there’s a very important lesson for M and for me. You see, M skipped a class (or two) this week…and it wasn’t because he was sick. He was “tired.”

The old me… “Hmmm….So, because M was tired – he can’t come home?


The new me… “M can’t come home because he broke a rule. (Simple as that.)”

I’m starting to get this.


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