121: Oh, and About That Picture…

After returning from the doctor, I spent most of the day in bed. What’s left of my voice is merely a quiet little squeak which is sometimes interrupted by bursts of breakthroughs from my regular voice. Luckily, the only thing I needed to accomplish tonight was to get K to his piano lesson.

     When we arrived at the studio, I realized that staying for the lesson wouldn’t be very polite – between the annoying cough and the overall germy appearance, I thought it best to walk across the street to Starbucks.

After ordering a green tea, I plopped myself down in a cozy chair and pulled out my book. I pretended to read, but really I was watching the high school girls in the corner…who were watching me.

Perhaps the girl with her back to me didn’t realize that I recognized her too; she and M had attended grade school together. While the girls whispered, laughed, and attempted to be discreet as they caught glimpses of me sitting in the chair, I pretended not to notice. But then the girl facing my direction pulled out her phone and took a picture of me. As the flash went off, M’s old classmate attempted to grab the phone – probably because she didn’t want to draw attention to the fun they were having.

Too late.

      My thoughts were urging me to just walk on over to them and say, “Hi.”  I wish I had, but I knew that once I got there, the words would have a hard time coming out because of my throat. So, I just sat there imagining groups of teenagers sitting around lunch tables laughing at me and my blog. (Having been a teenager once myself, it’s quite easy to imagine.)


If they happen to read this, I want them to know that I wish we had just talked together tonight. It would have been interesting for us to sit down and talk it through. Perhaps we could have learned something from each other.


One thought on “121: Oh, and About That Picture…

  1. Know that you are a leader in many ways, and leading by example. These kids may simply have been goofing around and having a good time. My kids know you fondly and I can not imagine anyone who knows you would be any different. They have no way of fathoming the kind of pain you are feeling. The lady I have known has the strength to go over and say, Hi guys, don’t you love this place? Blah, Blah and move on. You are doing great with this challenge you have, chin up, eyes forward and be yourself.

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