119: I’ll Try Anything

Even before I had come to the end of my long-winded message, I was regretting the excessively-maternal words my mouth was leaving on the athletic director’s message machine…

     “Since the boys’ basketball game is being played just a few miles from our house, is there anything I can bring for them? Cookies? Gatorade? Food for the bus ride home?”(Pause…This is when my mind went into a silent panic – This man must think I’m ridiculous. I bet he’s thinking, “And this is exactly what got her son into this situation…she’s a helicopter mom on steroids.)  

Okay…back to my pathetic message.

     “I probably sound like I’m hovering, but it’s just been a difficult road letting him go, and I feel this need to do something for him.” (Pause again…Now I’m realizing that I can’t erase what keeps flowing out of my mouth. Why didn’t I think this message through before I dialed his number?)

And finally, I wrapped it up by thanking him profusely.
I’m not going to begin over-analyzing my lamentable ramblings, because it seems pretty clear to me. (But I’ll discuss that later.)
     Ignoring all insecurities related to my copter tendencies, I headed to Trader Joe’s and picked up some things I knew he’d like: pretzels, clementines, popcorn, and peanut butter cups.
     A couple hours later, we were headed to the game, and that’s when I realized a message had come in form the athletic director. He was kind. And he let me know that the boys would love some Gatorade.
     So, we made a quick detour to the grocery story, and bought a bunch. My husband was sweet and patient with me as I asked clerks if they knew where the cheap Styrofoam coolers were located.
     Before too long, we were back in the car, and in the trunk sat our case of Gatorade – on ice – in our new $2.99 cooler.
Sunday morning, M sent me an email. It began, “Hey mom….Thanks for coming to my game on Friday and bringing me food…” The letter continued, and it was good.

Sometimes I hover, sometimes I go overboard, sometimes I even kiss him on the cheek
 in front of his basketball teammates. 
I bought him too much food, and I didn’t need to buy all that Gatorade. 
But I did it anyway. 
When you are scared, worried, and miss your child,
you try everything.


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