115: "Stronger"…Thank You, Kelly Clarkson

Just four months ago we started this mysterious journey – and the weepy, fragile version of myself has been replaced. I haven’t exactly turned into some tough-as-nails mom/chic, but I certainly have gotten stronger.

~ No longer do I cry every time Adele (or any song that reminds me of M) comes on the radio.
          Although, I still like to belt out a couple of my favorite lines from “Someone Like You” whenever it pops on the radio. (The other one I like to sing loud and proud…”Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson. Man, oh man – that’s a good one.)

~ No longer do I feel the need to act like a man.
          Let me explain…my husband and I have discussed at length his ability to go to work each morning, and close his Personal Life box, thus allowing only the Work box to be opened. All of my boxes are open at all times. In fact, a better way to describe my “box” situation might just be to call it one big Multi-Purpose box – and everything just flies out of it at all times. For months, I have tried to stifle my emotions – and the contents of the Multi-Purpose box – But no longer! I am woman! Get ready to hear me roar, cry, laugh, sigh, sing, and…breathe.

~ No longer do I lose sleep over mean things people say or write to me.
          But boy, oh boy…some people write the most vulgar things.

~ No longer do I feel stuck in the tunnel without a flashlight.
          Of course there’s light at the end. M is one, really cool person. He is going to get through the teenage years just fine – I’m certain of it. And I love him.


2 thoughts on “115: "Stronger"…Thank You, Kelly Clarkson

  1. You are awesome, amazing and stronger than you ever knew! The difference between your husband and you is the difference between male and female! It can be as simple as that! Us Moms have to have “Multi-Purpose Boxes” available at a moments notice! As we all know…The “Best Laid Plans” don't always go the way we want or think that they should so, we have to be ready to pull out of our “Multi-Purpose Box” back-up plan B, C, D, and sometimes the entire alphabet! Now, I do not want to be considered sexist by this above statement. In fact, I could use a bit more of the Male in me at times but try as I do I just cannot shut out the “raising my children” aspect out of my life Completely! There is no right and no wrong simply that we are different!

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