112: Lessons From the Teacher’s Lounge

     Yesterday, while getting coffee in the teacher’s lounge, a fellow teacher taught me a lesson; the lesson pertained to basketball. It began with a simple comment that went something like this,

 “So, I read that M is quite an athlete on the basketball court.”

Feeling a bit concerned that I may have come across as a braggart when I mentioned all his baskets from the other night, I quickly explained that the real joy in watching him play was not related to his points scored. The pride was stemming from everything else I witnessed on the court…his passing, his patience, his sportsmanship, his smile, his clapping, his nodding in understanding to his coach, his posture…everything.
     I added, “That probably all sounds silly, but I’m just so proud of him. The boy who used to play basketball with his hands up all the time yelling, ‘Pass it to me…I’m open!’ had been replaced by a new version of M I was just getting to know.”

My fellow teacher, Coach O, quickly corrected me…

“Nothing silly about that. You can see signs of maturity on a basketball court.” 
     He went on to verbalize perfect illustrations to prove his point, and soon his words were running like expert commentary to the visions of I had rolling through my head. Soon I began to comprehend Coach O’s lesson, and I liked what I was hearing. 
Thanks for the lesson, Coach.


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