111: Be the Land

You know how some movie lines just stay with you forever? Well for me, Chevy Chase had one such line in Caddyshack. Chevy’s character, Ty Webb, was coaching a teenager on the golf course. He bestowed his wisdom by whispering to the boy just as he was about to swing the club…

“…there’s a force in the universe that makes things happen.
 And all you have to do is get in touch with it,
 stop thinking, let things happen,
Be the Ball.
I don’t apply this wisdom to all aspects of my life, but I certainly have thought of that line while cheering on my children at sporting events.
     While my husband drove the 43 miles east to M’s basketball game yesterday, I read aloud from the book I’ve stuffed in my purse for the last couple weeks. Like Chevy’s character whispered to the teenager in Caddyshack, Bob Meehan in Beyond the Yellow Brick Road, whispered to me…

“…although they may drift out of your sight from time to time,
they will always see land out the corner of their eye…
Be the Land – 
firm, immovable, reassuring.”

I like that. Thank you, Bob.

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