110: 16 Years Ago Today…Duds and Suds

Sixteen years ago, M was in his sixth month of life. 
Here are some highlights:

  • A typical dinner included a 4 oz jar of chicken and potatoes, a 4 oz jar of apples and blueberries, a jar of green beans, and a side of mashed potatoes.
  • Cruising through the mall with his Aunt K was a favorite daytime activity on cold, January days.
  • Spots popped up all over his face and body, as he experienced his first virus.
  • He hung out at our neighborhood Duds and Suds with me, since I couldn’t figure out how to juggle laundry baskets and M as I took the steps down to our apartment’s laundry room. (Now, I do realize that I could have left him in the apartment alone for 5 minutes…but as I look back, I love knowing that I couldn’t leave him for even a second.)
  • After church on Sundays, we joined the T Family at Bagel and Bagel.
  • Enjoyed lunch and a trip to the bookstore with three of my former students.
  • His “nana” bought him an Exer-Saucer. (Side note…as M began to talk, he couldn’t say “Nana” but he sure could say “Nene,” so mom became Nene.
  • I trimmed his hair.
  • His 6 month picture was taken with the Olan Mills’ coupon I received from the hospital the day we were discharged.
And on the 31st of January…”M is laughing out loud so much!” 

How do I know all these details? Well, this weekend I dug out his Big Box of Memories from the stacks of boxes left over from the move.
     For the first two years of his life, I kept calendars in which I wrote little tidbits from his day. Back then,  my mind was always dancing with so many sweet, easy mysteries…What will his voice sound like? What will his hobbies be? Will he play tennis like his dad? Will his hair stay this white? Will he like to read? Who will his friends be? What will his first word be? Which one of these blankets will end up being his “blankie?”

Okay…back to 2012 – Time to get going, because my To-Do list for the day is long. I’m going to take advantage of this holiday by unpacking some of those boxes recently discovered, clean the bathrooms, do some laundry in my own basement, and make M his favorite cookies. Then I’m going to hop in the van and drive 43 miles east to his basketball game.

Can’t wait to see you today. 
Love you,


One thought on “110: 16 Years Ago Today…Duds and Suds

  1. OMG…This brings back so many memories of my life with my first child, as well! So many sweet memories! I remember thinking how great this time was and how hard it was. Here I was with this little beautiful bundle of joy that was ready to soak in everything and everything the world had to offer! I wanted my child to experience everything, be exposed to everything, take in everything. In fact, I almost would not have held back any opportunity to expose my child to a new experience! It is so interesting that as a parent of a baby and toddler you want all this and more. You feel like your child is safe as long as you have them there right at your side at every moment. The interesting thing is that everything we want our infant/toddler to experience changes when they become teens. They feel as though you need to let them go a bit but we still feel the need to be right by their side. Unfortunately or fortunately, the very thing that we have worked so hard to expose our children to (ie. life…positives and negatives)can be a very difficult road to navigate.I still believe strongly that we have to give our children wings so that they can fly….it is just that there is no set time or schedule for when they should receive those beautiful butterfly wings to soar!At times, I wish that our jobs as Mom's were easier but at the same time I have been grateful for the challenges as no child is the same. And, Boy oh boy would life be dull! We should never rest on our “laurels” and we should “never say never”! We need to always count our “blessings” as they are many even if we can hardly find them!

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