100: The Wizards of Our Oz

Before M left yesterday, he stood in the kitchen hammering the same questions over and over and over again at me. I wish my dad hadn’t seen it; I know this is agonizing for him.

To list all the lessons and fun that dad has shared with M, would be impossible. Nene and Papa’s house is like the Emerald City – but better.
M and Papa have camped 
out in the backyard, made breakfasts on camping stoves, flown
 kites, fished, built castles, built railways, made hundreds of milkshakes before bed, watched Crocodile Hunter together for hours, planned overnights during A&E’s
 Shark Week, started ant farms, grown sea monkeys, shot baskets, built
 model cars, played tennis, studied bugs, gone to the driving range, visited toy
 stores, played music together, completed a few science
 experiments, taken and developed pictures in Papa’s camera
 room, drawn amazing pictures of cars together, and…
a few other thousand things.
Several weeks ago, my dad mentioned something that took him less than 5 seconds to say, but will stick with me forever. He said,
 “J, he’s been my little companion since I was 50 years old. I miss him.”

Mom was on the other line listening with me; she was quiet after dad said that. She’s been working her magic for over 16 years too.
There’s no place like (Nene and Papa’s) home.


2 thoughts on “100: The Wizards of Our Oz

  1. Your parents are awesome. And just like you are doing with your love, Nene & Papa's love will help M through this.

    It's great that E & F will have a chance to build more memories with them over the next few weeks.

  2. Despite all you are going through, you still offer warm words of encouragement to silly friends who are focused on mundane activities, like buying a house. I'm not sure where you draw your energy from, but you have an amazing source of light.

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