97: This Strange Reality

I should have written this yesterday…but I just didn’t have it in me. 

Moments after I posted my letter in which I explained that he was on his way to his dental appointment, I noticed that my, still silent, cell phone was displaying a “Missed Message.” 
     While I was typing about years of memories in that dental chair, his father was in the midst of a typical battle. Apparently, M refused to get out of bed; he missed the appointment.
When your 6’2″ teen decides not to get out of bed, it’s not like it was when he was a 5’7″ pre-teen, whose belligerent attitude hadn’t reached such unsettling heights.
Some may ask, “Why didn’t you just drag him out of bed and shove him in the car?”
Good question, and I would have asked that too at one time in my life. But now, as I find myself in the midst of this strange reality, I can tell you my version of Why.

~ My younger son, K, has already seen enough during this Christmas Furlough.
~ My nerves are shot.
~ It’s easier to just walk away. (I’m not proud of that fact…I’m just being honest.)


One thought on “97: This Strange Reality

  1. Oh goodness. Disappointing I know. Hang in there and try not to give up and take the easy route. Don't forget you are a “mommy warrior” and may need to fight each and every day…

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