96: I Wasn’t A "Grown-Up" By My Sophomore Year Either

At this very moment, he’s heading to the dentist. (And I’m certain that it wasn’t easy dragging him out of bed, and getting him into the car.) 

     They all know him in that office because he’s grown up in that dental chair. (I remember when most of his entire body fit into the top portion of the big chair; now, he’s so tall that his feet dangle over the edge.) Over the years, this office has evolved into a place filled with dear, family friends. Someone is sure to hug him in there today. Or at least try.
     Just like me when I was 16, M wears braces. And as every orthodontist-visiting family knows, biannual teeth cleanings are especially important. (Someday, he’ll appreciate that we fixed his overbite. I’m thankful my parents took care of mine.)


M is a sophomore in high school, and I do understand his eagerness to be a grown-up. (I’m certain that the high-heel clogs I wore when I was 16 had something to do with my aspiration to be an “adult.”) 
     My parents had to guide me through those difficult years too – always veering me in a different direction when they saw hazards ahead. (And yes, I do consider a severe overbite as a potential hazard that could have led to dental issues later in life. But the clogs…they let that one go. I eventually learned that flat, comfortable shoes are the more sensible choice.) 

     My parents took their cues from me. Living under their roof, I didn’t drink, do drugs, sneak out of the house, or even be disrespectful. So, they began to let out some of the kite string. Occasionally they needed to reel that kite back in closer to their watchful, yet loving, eyes. (Even in college, they needed to yank on that string…”Academic Probation” once led to an extremely grueling 9 hour car ride back to school.)

Every time I see him flying dangerously wild through life, I’m going to pull on that string. I’m not going to stop until he shows me that it’s safe to let go.

(I love that “kite string” wisdom. It was furnished by a fellow Mother Bear. Thanks, S.)


One thought on “96: I Wasn’t A "Grown-Up" By My Sophomore Year Either

  1. Yes, I too, pull on the “kite strings”! I call it “roping my children back-in” but it is essentially the same. I usually do it on a much more frequent basis than most people, as I “rope my children back-in” when I am beginning to feel a disconnect between myself and my children. I usually do not let it go very far as I feel strongly that a parent always has the right to parent. Sometimes, I have to remind my children that it is my right and my honor to parent so “please just let me parent or I am not doing my job”! They might not want to listen but I always remind them that if I am not allowed to “parent” (ie. communicate expectations, rules, and even love) than they are not allowing me to fulfill my basic requirement as a Mother and that is to love, discipline, share wisdom, and have discussions etc! I have kissed and hugged a recoiling bear on occasion but it all seems to eventually be reciprocated. Love is patient, love is kind etc. You are doing a great job. stay true to yourself, your family, your God and your son and eventually your “recoiling bear” might just become the darling bear cub that you so dearly hugged and loved as he was growing!

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