93: You Know What They Say About Old Habits…

…and what they say about “two steps forward…?”  – Well, I think they were right again.

It would be an overstatement to say that the last 24 hours were “disastrous.” Perhaps a better way to say it would be, “We had a temporary setback.”

In the past, M has teased his little brother, K, way too much. Last night, that old habit resurfaced.
     He called him names, told him he was going to steal the gift his cousin had given him, and then he threatened to burn all of his Christmas presents.
And a Merry Christmas to you too, M.

     I got mad, and steam came out my ears (figuratively)
          M declared that he had a terrible Christmas, and his entitled attitude smacked me
               in the the face (figuratively)
                  I became unhinged, and asked for his Christmas money back (literally)
                      And then he announced that I was “literally crazy.”

As far as I know, the only thing that stirred this ugly bullying was immaturity. If that’s all it was, then I can handle that.

He apologized to his brother, so I’ll cut him a break.
I’m still working on breaking old, bad habits too.


One thought on “93: You Know What They Say About Old Habits…

  1. I think I'm missing something. Like the bad habit you are needing to break. I don't really see anything in this post that seems out of line (from you) unless it is the bad habit of UNDER reacting. If my 16 year old were picking on his younger brother, he'd be sorry for weeks. He'd do his younger brother's chores every day (your sons do have chores, I hope). He'd type a 2-3 page essay extolling the virtues of said little brother. He'd write another essay on his own need for kindness, maturity, discipline and respect. He would perform some kind of service towards our family as an exercise in restoring peace and goodness in MY home which he had disrupted by treating MY son poorly. And yes, he just might lose his Christmas gifts. (I personally would not have given cash to a young man who has a history of spending cash on things like drugs and alcohol – but that's just me)

    And all of these things would be complete before he set foot in the kitchen, let alone outside of the house. I guess that would have prevented the later problem referred to in your next post regarding consuming alcohol!

    Talk is cheap! Apologizing once busted is easy. The part that is hard and that is lacking is behaving like a gentleman so apologies aren't necessary. Maybe the bad habit you should be trying to break is cutting him a break. Apologize for letting him down by tolerating his ridiculous, immature bullying instead of teaching him to be a man.

    You can do it Momma! Your sons are counting on you. If you don't require them to behave with kindness and decency, who will.

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