91: A Smile Is Worth A Thousand Words

“You guys be good. Remember…I have a big mouth.”
Just moments earlier, M and most of our kids had been standing in front of the Christmas tree as Papa was taking pictures. M’s old, grade school friend and I were standing next to each other as we watched the holiday photo session. My mind was in overdrive…
  • What did he think when M ran out to his car to tell him, “My mom wants you to come in before she lets me go with you” ~
  • I wonder what his parents think about what I’ve been writing ~
  • Does he have any idea how much I love my child ~
  • Please, please, please…be good tonight – have fun, but be good ~
  • M is trying to make good choices…support him ~
  • I wonder if they’ll still be friends when they are my age ~
I snapped out of my silent rambling, and walked through our little kitchen to say “Goodbye” to the two of them. 
And that’s when I gave my warning. 
     Big smiles emerged. Now, the smiles may have been sneaky, teenage smiles – but I believe they were just sweet reminders of their old, innocent, happy faces.
45 minutes before his curfew, M called to say, “I’m ready, Mom.”
He hopped in my van, told me some of the funny things that happened while they ran errands for his friend’s mom, listed the friends who went to dinner with them, and explained how he had just run into his cousin and uncle. 
Then he thanked me as he got out of the car.
You are welcome, M.
And “thank you” too.


One thought on “91: A Smile Is Worth A Thousand Words

  1. I hope this trend contnues thru the break. Regardless of what is stimulating it, good memories will be formed. Be careful though…don't make the common mistake of thinking things have changed, M has turned around for good. Our kids are smart. And strongly attached to their goals. Some of them figure out how to play the game but don't make a lasting change. They walk the line just enough to get out of military school. Once they are home they gradually slide back into the same old behaviors that got them in trouble initially.

    Don't worry so much about what the friends or their parents think. It seems to be one of your last remaining weekness. I hear it in this post and another recently when you invited M's friend to talk. It doesn't matter. Their opinions don't matter. If someone doesn't “approve” of your PARENTAL decision, it only means they've never been in a position to make that kind of decision. So their opinion is disqualified! Does it matter if you end up with NO friends (which won't happen anyway – you will have true friends and new friends) as long as you successfully raise fine young men who are able and willng to contribute to society?? What is the goal? Approval, or M's life/future/soul/salvation.

    Keep up your good work, M and Mom. Your future is the reward! Merry Christmas!

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