90: Angels in Uniform

While sitting at a red light on the way home from running errands last night, I spotted a police car pulling into the fast-food restaurant at the corner. While I waited for my light to turn green, my mind wondered about the police officer who had made the late-night phone call to our home…

Without a second thought, I put on my turn signal and pulled into the restaurant behind the officers.

     As they tried to make their way across the lot, my minivan cut them off. Rolling down my window, I uttered, “Excuse me. This may sound crazy, but I just wanted to thank you.”
     They approached the vehicle. Judging from the expressions on their faces, I needed to elaborate. And after I gave them a fast-talking, mini-version of the police call from the night before, I exhaled, “So thank you for helping me parent my son.”

Smiles broke out on both of their faces. Soon I would realize that they were angels
disguised as police officers.

    We spoke for a little while about what it was like to be a teen and agreed that those years are tough. The officer who looked like a young LL Cool J revealed that he gave his mom a lot of trouble when he was growing up. Through my mushy mom tears, I sputtered, “And look at you now! What a success you’ve become – she must be proud.”
     He laughed and admitted, “Yeah, I was not an easy kid.” Then he cracked up as he explained a discipline technique his mom once used involving a shovel.
     Smiling broadly, I explained that I skipped the shovel technique and sent him directly to military school. At that, he burst into more laughter…”My mom sent me to military school too!”

More laughter from them, and more happy tears from me.

     The officer who looked like my oldest stepson, B, reassured me, “You’re doing the right thing, Mom. Keep doing it. He will appreciate it some day.”

I should have jumped out of the van, hugged them, and offered to buy them dinner. Instead, I simply thanked them again and said, “Goodnight.”

My police officer angels regenerated my hope, reminded me of my job, and stirred up
my love and pride for my child.

To all the great police officers out there…Thank You.

One thought on “90: Angels in Uniform

  1. that is so cool!! there are no accidents, God was sending a message that you are doing good by M. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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