89: Phew…

Last night, the phone rang at 2:30. It was the police. 

     Simultaneously, M and I must have picked up the phones in each of our bedrooms. I heard M answer the call, “What’s up?” 

At that, a man’s voice announced, “This is the _____ Police Department. I need you to come back to the park. We saw all of you run away. If you don’t come back, your buddy, _____, is going to jail tonight.”

M replied, “What are you talking about?”

     Listening intently, I heard the police officer repeat his story, and this time I realized he sounded like he was out of breath. It was easy to deduce that this officer must have found a group of teens in a park at 2:30 AM, ran after them, and caught one. Then he must have taken the teen’s cell phone and started dialing anyone in the phone’s recent history

M continued, “I have been playing on XBox since I got home at 10:30. I haven’t been out since then.” Then he said something else like, “I mean it – I’m in my bedroom and I’ve been in here for hours.”

The police officer’s tone changed. He was less forceful, and the conversation ended.

     Shaking, I placed the phone back on the base, and then I headed upstairs. My mind was racing as I wondered what I was about to find upstairs. Had he snuck out? How could he possibly have done that? I just said “Goodnight” to him 2 hours ago. It had taken me forever to fall asleep; certainly, my ears would have heard something if he had been up and about.

     Finally, I arrived at the top of the stairs and barked, “M, what’s going on?” I braced myself as I waited to see his face, his eyes, and his clothes.

His face – smiling.
His eyes – bright.
His clothes – same pj bottoms and tennis sweatshirt I saw him in just a couple hours ago.

“Mom, I just got the strangest phone call…I was on XBox with J and the phone rang…It was the police.”

     I explained that I had listened on the other line, and we talked about what must be going on. M acknowledged that he had tried to call _____ from our house phone a couple times during the night. (We still haven’t given him back his cell phone.) That must have been why the police called our home.

My teen was sober last night, and he was where he was supposed to be. I am so thankful.


5 thoughts on “89: Phew…

  1. You just warmed my heart and I hope your heart is soaring with the realization that what you are doing is obviously working!!!!

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