88: I’ll Tell Him When He Wakes

     I wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to say – it’s been a while since something positive flowed out of my mouth toward him. But it was the truth – it was exactly what my head and heart were feeling at that very moment.
     It was 10:30, and I had just picked him up for the second time this evening. (I have been his chauffeur tonight – taking him from one place to the next.)  Out of the blue, I turned to M and simply stated,

“I’m proud of you. These last couple days have been great. Thank you.” 

And just then…”Moves Like Jagger” came on the radio – I froze.  Had he read my note, “Moves Like Jagger’s Mom?” And if he had…what was he thinking right now?

     I didn’t spend too much time wondering, because before I knew it, I was mumbling all the words, smiling to myself. It was another good night.

But then it got better.
After he said, “Good Night,” and headed upstairs, I received a comment. It read:

“A good mother of sons advised me once, I know they make you crazy, I know that you want to strangle them, but every chance you have, tell him, “You are going to be a good Man” At some point, you will start believing it and so will he. He will start living it. If you can’t believe it, how do you expect him to? I don’t know, it was something for me to hang on to.”

I’m so glad I told him how I felt tonight. Thank you, Anonymous, for sharing your wisdom. He is going to be a good Man – and I’ll remind him of that as soon as he wakes up in the morning.


One thought on “88: I’ll Tell Him When He Wakes

  1. I like your blog Jennifer!..I'm so glad you posted on the NCRegister comments. I myself have 3 sons and a daughter, the two oldest in college (we homeschool), and two special needs sons, ages 12 and 8 that keep me very challenged and weary at times. May God bless all the great moms out there striving to live their Catholic faith and raise their families with hope and dignity. ~ Denise

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