87: An Invitation…And A "Thank You"

I slept most of the day yesterday; my mind has tried to justify this sleepiness…

This could be my body resting after a busy semester at work. 
Perhaps it’s just because I don’t sleep as well when he’s home. (My ears
 are on Red-Alert,even in my sleep, when he’s upstairs.) 
Maybe it’s because of the weight I’ve gained. (My bones are tired.)

But after reading the dialogue happening between a teenager and a parent on my 79th letter, “My Teenage Pen Pal,” I’m wide awake and energized.
     The moment my eyes first read the comment from M’s friend, I wanted to find the young, passionate author and tell him that his kindness is appreciated. My thoughts then went to something a bit ridiculous…perhaps this boy would like to meet with me. We could hold a summit.
     What would I want to accomplish in said summit – Well, maybe he’d begin to see a parent’s point of view. It must me very difficult for him to understand my parent’s mind and love for my child. 
     I have experienced what it’s like to be a teen, but I will give him this…to be a teenager in today’s world must be a bit different than it was in the 80’s.
If this offer doesn’t sound ridiculous to M’s friend, I’ll pick up the tab at Chipotle.
Thank You, KB, for giving me new strength.


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