82: Mr. Bluebird On My Shoulder

In a perfect world, my teenage M reads my last 81 notes and realizes a parent’s love. And arriving home for Christmas Furlough, he would give us each a hug and exclaim…

 “Mom, B, Dad, and K, it is good to be home. 
Thank you for protecting me while I was a danger to myself.
I’ve learned a lot this semester, and I am ready to make the most out of my life.
There are so many great opportunities in my future, and I want to reach my potential.
But more than anything, I want to take care of myself and live a healthy life.”

Yes, I know. I sound crazy again. 
But if I don’t have a dream, how can I have a dream come true? 
(I learned that one from my dad…he was a big fan of Jiminy Cricket.)


2 thoughts on “82: Mr. Bluebird On My Shoulder

  1. Thank you for giving me my new mantra. I will happily credit you; I hope you don't mind me stealing it. This is now one of my new little “lifelines”….my old ones were getting very threadbare!
    “If I don't have a dream, how can I have a dream come true?”
    What a wonderful nugget!

  2. I asked my son recently, 'why is D so popular?' He replied, 'because he gets away with everything…he does whatever he wants.' Really! If parents started telling their kids to not hang out with him…what would happen? They would just find someone else to admire or something else to do.

    So, M, how lonely does your world need to be before you see reality? It's not YOU they are cheering on…but your ATTITUDE. If you can be brave and rid yourself of this attitude, you will lose those 'friends'. But, you will gain real friends who will like you for who you are. Letting go of this 'junk' and attitude will free you.

    It's not so fun being bad when you don't have an audience of 'friends' egging you on. Those kids aren't going to be with you under the bridge in your cardboard box, they aren't going to be your cell mates in jail, they won't be there to call an ambulance when you od in a filthy, abandoned room.

    Your parent's actions are proof that they love you. Their love is a good thing. Think about that.

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