80: Note To Self

My closet is a mess. I haven’t even gone up to M’s room since he returned to the academy after Thanksgiving – my hunch is that it’s a mess too. K’s pants still aren’t hemmed; B hasn’t had a wrinkle-free shirt in months. There will be no Christmas cards sent this year, and I’m a bit behind in my Christmas shopping. Oh yeah, one more thing…my teenager hates me.

     On the flip side, my classroom is orderly. Grades are current; I’m starting to think about report cards. My students will be reading one of my favorite short stories this week – O. Henry’s “The Gift of the Magi.”

(Somehow, writing that first paragraph just helped me…closet will not always look like it does right now, M’s room will be fine, K will grow taller, B is easy-going, my friends and family will understand about the cards, I still have time to kick-in some internet shopping, and I am certain that M won’t always hate me………Phew.)



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