76: Can’t Wait To Meet Him

I’m starting to see a pattern:

M comes home.
He’s unhappy with the rules. 
     I get frustrated because he breaks the rules. 
He goes back to school.
     I feel relief.
He says he’s unhappy. 
     Then I miss him.

Currently, we are at the “I miss him” stage…And then throw in a dash of “I feel sorry for him,” and you’ve got a pretty good picture of how I’m feeling tonight.
     The uneasiness or pain associated with sending your child to military school is perplexing. It’s just not natural for a child to need the structure that only someone or someplace else can provide. But on the other hand, it’s difficult when one family member throws off the basic rhythms of a family. Yes, some teens do have a way of doing that, and for some the impositions their species often launch into a family is baffling. But what happens when the behavior of this classification of humans is beyond “baffling” and pushes its way closer to the “dangerous” or “risky” or even “alarming” side?

I suppose one could argue that “missing” him is really code for “Oh, how I wish things were different when he was home.” But maybe I should start looking at this differently. Perhaps my thoughts should be, “I can’t wait to see the good man I know he is going to become someday.” That sounds a lot better.
     My little boy M is gone. But I am looking forward to the day I meet my courageous, strong, and fine young man, M.


3 thoughts on “76: Can’t Wait To Meet Him

  1. LOL This reminds me of a time when I wanted to meet my 25 year-old daughter instead of my 17 year-old daughter!! You see, I learned from Dr. Phil that the human brain isn't completely developed until the age of 25. I missed my daughter when she left home at 17. But it was my home and my rules … period!!! Years later she is now married and has a good job. We talk on a regular basis and she tells me she misses me.

    You go Major Momma!


  2. When both my boys were away the oldest on Army assignment and the youngest in boot camp, the house felt so empty,I really missed them. what I didn't miss was the mess they always left, the dismissive attitude that I always got. them not following the house rules.
    OH how I looked forward to my youngest's graduation….. I loved getting phone calls, letters and planning to go half way across the country to be there when he graduated! I did know that when he came home I would be irritated with him again. it took one day and I was ready for him to live somewhere else. now he is stationed 100 miles away and comes by occasionally, the older one is between assignments and BOY am I ready for him to go.

    I am proud of the men they are becoming, however I don't want to really live with anymore, they are grown ups, I don't need to be in their business anymore, unless they invite me.

    sorry this was so long. I'm glad you are focusing on the future M and the man he will be.



  3. I love this post! Many of your posts deal with the past or present. Whether it be a bad memory or good memory. This post shows you are looking toward a positive future and this young man is so lucky to have you as a mom. I know he thinks otherwise, but when he is alive at 25 with a job, houses and maybe even a family, he will thank you for the adventure he was so fortunate to have,
    Keep writing and I'll keep reading. Maybe my new years resolution will be to write a blog of my own?

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