73: Permission to Write

He looked at his doctor yesterday and sneered, “Have you seen her blog?”      

I held my breath. 

Writing has become the best medicine for me.  I can’t stop now.  It’s what I do to help go to sleep at night.  It’s how I neatly organize all my worries – and then I click “Publish Post” and magically, I feel a little better.

And then there’s the support, guidance, and prayers that have come our way since I started writing.  M is going to be okay.  Hope is pouring in from friends, family, and strangers. My fingers must keep writing.

Finally, his doctor spoke, and his words went something like this…

“M, I haven’t seen it, but I know a little bit about it.  
Your mom is worried about you; it’s been a stressful time for your family. 
Writing has been her outlet. It’s given your mom comfort and support.”

I will keep writing.


2 thoughts on “73: Permission to Write

  1. He's on the defensive and wants to keep things secret. putting mom on the defense he's trying to deflect the spot light from himself. Keep fighting the good fight. you are an inspiration to me. you are helping me with my grown sons and setting boundries with them.

    thank you for sharing you story.

    M- she really loves you, some day you will get that.

    blessing to you and your family


  2. “Have you seen her blog?”
    Does he think that the things you write are not true? What was his angle in bringing the blog up to the doctor? Does he even realize that the things that he continues to do are bad and he is hurting his family?

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