69: We Can Do This

To recap all the emotions my head, heart, and body felt during his first visit home, would be exhausting. In fact, it would probably make me cry.  And I don’t feel like crying any more – but I could simply summarize it one – possibly unexpected word….grateful.
     That unexpected word probably sounds conflicting considering it wasn’t perfect. And actually, quite far from even “acceptable.”  However, certain moments of the week were remarkable, momentous, and possibly even miraculous.

     M has 4 parents, 2 sisters, 4 brothers, and 6 grandparents. This lucky 16 and M have amazing support from an even larger extended family.  And then we have the phenomenal village made up of friends, co-workers, neighbors, and even strangers. Our village has grown beyond imagination.

I am grateful.  I have hope.  
We can do this.


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