66: That Great (I Mean Horrible) Divide

Okay…so let’s say there’s a fence – on one side, you have the parents who, without hesitation, do not tolerate drinking and experimentation with drugs. If these parents detect even the slightest whisper of danger to their children’s health and safety, they spring into action.  They may say things outrageous like, “Not while you’re living in my house,” or “It’s illegal, so I will not have it in our home,” AND they stick to their word.  Some of these crazy parents even sit their teenager down and lay on the… “Let me tell you the story of my friend whose life will never be the same,” or  “Let me tell you the tragic story of someone I once knew who couldn’t shake the teenage partying years,” AND end the story with “I love you, and I’m not going to let that happen to you.” These parents are many in number, they are just shy and quiet.

Now…the other side of this fence is bulging with force. I’m not insinuating that this group is bigger in number, but man, oh man – they are a strong and influential bunch.  (AND they have a lot of the teenagers on their side.) Perhaps this group of parents just seems bigger because they have a louder, more popular, and “cooler” voice.  (I mean really…if you were a teenager, wouldn’t you want to hang with the cool parents?)  These parents are so cool that they will “politely” ask the kids to clean up the party they busted.  These “chill” parents will turn a blind eye to the pipe that falls out of your pocket when you get up to leave. These parents still love their kids, they just want their kids to like them and leave them alone.

     I’m afraid this divide is always going to exist.  Neither side understands the other; each is baffled by the choices the other makes. But can’t we all agree that we want many of the same things for our kids?  We want them to grow up to be…

 happy and content
 empathetic to others
 men and women of great character and integrity
I admit…I am frustrated. This war is painful and tough, but luckily, I have some really nice, wise people over here on my side of the fence. Who knew that so many of them were out there? 

I am thankful for all my cool, smart friends…even the ones I haven’t met yet.


2 thoughts on “66: That Great (I Mean Horrible) Divide

  1. My biggest issue is not as much with the wimps who look the other way. I DO however, fervently wish that there was some recourse when it comes to those parents who actively promote 15 year olds drinking and doing drugs. And believe me, they are out there. I was astounded that ANY parent could be so irresponsible, not only with their own but with other people's teens. But they are–and there are quite a few of them.

  2. The parents that look the other way are the wimps. It is much more difficult to discipline our kids. But always remember, if we don't discipline our kids, the world will. And it will be harsh, as the world does not love our children as we do. Hang in there and stay strong.

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