65: I Love This Boy

Late last night, after a very long day, I caught a glimpse of my sweet son.

Dinner was a disaster. The ribs I basted all day and the pounds of shrimp I bought were fine. (Although I was so upset during the meal I didn’t eat; I was frustrated – What was I thinking…ribs and shrimp would fix everything?

After dinner, the silent battle raged on.  Baffled, sad, and concerned, my parents surrendered and headed home. But my two older sons stayed, and they were ready for a fresh campaign.  We called M down to talk around the kitchen table.  Within the hour, my husband and I watched as our eyes adjusted to the fact that his older boys had turned into great men.  M listened and spoke to them.

Then back up to his bedroom he went.

We hugged B and B and tried to convey our vast pride and happiness in the men they’ve become.  Then, inspired by the words they had said to M, I headed straight upstairs to his bedroom, and insisted, “Let’s get this all out.”

Mom, you’re ruining my life…nobody else’s mom does this kind of stupid thing…why can’t you be more like all my friends’ moms…Everybody thinks you’re nuts for not letting me be a normal teenager – I’ve shown everyone this stupid blog, and EVERYONE thinks you’re crazy.  Now some of my friends’s parents won’t even let me over to their house because of what you’ve done and said about me….Mom, I’m not stupid…I’m not going to try anything worse than pot or alcohol…I’m not that dumb…only losers do that other stuff.
Now we’re talking…I’ve entered teen territory. And before I knew it, he was throwing the football up in the air, then throwing the superball against the wall, then dribbling the football. All this while I sat in his room talking to him.  He even smiled a couple times.  I love this boy.

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