64: It Was Good

5 hours after he returned home, he finally completed a sentence – up until then, he only grunted.

Arrival: Saturday 12:00

     Sitting across from us, with his arms folded, head down, and mumbling occasional phrases of discontent, we let him know how his week would look.  Friends may come to our house, but he is not to leave with them. He will be with family (and luckily, we have a lot of family within just a couple miles – for that we are so grateful.) Then it was time to go through his belongings. While inspecting his bags, his dad came across something shiny and good; he had earned his Hat Brass.
     Still only grunting, his uncle picked him up to play tennis for a couple hours. Upon returning, he walked by us silently and headed straight to his bedroom; and this is where he stayed.  But at 5:00 from my bedroom, I heard him ask my husband, “Where’s mom?” The silent treatment was over.

His words were familiar…”Mom, where’s my___?” and  “Mom, what did you do with my___?” or “Mom, why did throw away my ___?”
My words were not familiar, but they felt strong and good.

I know he wanted to sneak out last night, and I know he probably wanted to get his hands on something bad. But my husband’s sleepless night of keeping watch has introduced him to some new ways around here. Our night was not easy, but it was good.



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