63: I Hate Addiction and Teen Stupidity

We had to call the police; he is not even home yet.

Before I got out of bed this morning, I had a plan for the day.  We would go to a place like, Panera or Starbucks so I could talk my new talk.  He needed to be reintroduced to me – a much stronger version of myself as his mother.
     This talk seemed like a good first step to set the stage and make our expectations clear.  My plan was good, loving, and firm.

But by 7:30 am, I was given reliable, but troubling information.

  1. Now I know what he has said to his “friends” in the last few days.  
  2. Now I know what his friends are saying and planning for the week.  
  3. I now know everyone who has been driving by my house and watching us. (Including the boys who kept watching me on the road as we drove side by side.)
  4. I know that he like’s to use the phrase when planning for the week, “What’s there to lose…they already sent me to military school.”
  5. I know where he’s going to say that he’s going tonight, and I know who plans on taking him somewhere else. 
  6. I know that he plans on spending most of his time at a park. 
  7. I know that he shared this blog’s web address with his friends and told them to send nasty comments.
  8. I know who these kids are.  
  9. I know where these kids go to school – some public, some private, some independent.

And I will not hesitate to share any or all this information with the police. Meanwhile, they will be watching our house for us.


3 thoughts on “63: I Hate Addiction and Teen Stupidity

  1. I don't think you get it yet. There should be no consideration that he even leave your home. If he does, you and your family must be with him. I think your head is still under the blanket.

  2. oh how I feel for you! And I agree that teenage stupidity and addiction are hateful and so painful for those of us who love them. Your posts echo everything in my heart. Praying for you as you go through this. Sadly, my son is very much the same but I can't even try to help him as my ex, his father, has done a fine job of making that impossible, teaching him to hate me, that I was too strict and empowering him to do as he pleases.

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