56: Good Morning, Moon

The moon kept me company as I walked into the school building today.  The early morning air was quiet, and still. Suddenly, one of those overly-sentimental thoughts popped into my head…Did M notice it was a full moon too?
     Looking back hours later, it seems quite dramatic and sappy to have had such a wonder. But I’m certain that these moments have a purpose. Today, my thoughts about M and the moon led to thoughts about morning carpools, which then led to memories of happy car rides…

     If M and I were in the car alone a year or two ago, conversations flowed on and on. (When K was in the mix…it was a disaster – M teased him relentlessly – which made for unsafe driving, a lot of yelling, and the occasional cuss word from me in an attempt to try to get M’s attention.)
     But when M and I were alone, he really talked to me.  He told me funny stories about his great friends and teachers; sometimes the stories were about getting in trouble (or squirming his way out of trouble.) I heard plans he was making about places he wanted to live when he was older, and cars he wanted to own.
     Sometimes the stories were just about new music groups.  Once on a car ride we saw a hot air balloon that looked to be within arms reach.  He suddenly urged, “Pull over! Mom – listen to the song that’s playing. It’s about hot air balloons.”  He asked to borrow my phone to take a picture of his iPod’s screen showing the Hot Air Balloon song, while the gigantic hot air balloon was floating in the background.  We both have a copy of that picture – I love that simple, little memory of driving in the car with him.

So, tonight that same big moon is high in the sky, and I do realize he’s not wondering the same sappy things I’m wondering – but, if he happens to read this I want him to know something…I can’t wait to have great car rides together with him again.


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