54: Taking His Own Sweet Time

New recruits at the military academy work towards earning their “Hat Brass.” This achievement is one of the first and most significant that a RAT (Recruit at Training) will complete during their training period.  (The “Hat Brass” is the big shiny badge that will be worn on his uniform headgear.)
     To earn your Hat Brass, there are necessary milestones which must be met. Cadets are tested on essential history of the academy, basic marching skills, proper wear and appearance of uniforms, and “demonstrated success in initial adjustment to the high standards [the academy] places on all cadets.” (Donning the earned Hat Brass for the first time is a proud moment for cadets.)

     How long does it take most cadets to earn this badge? When should we expect our cadet to make the phone call home telling us of this first, big achievement? According to the parent handbook…

“Depending on the cadet, achieving their Hat Brass can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks?” 

So it’s been 8 weeks since we brought M to his new school.  
Hmmm…I’d say he’s kind of on the far end of that forecasted time frame.  



One thought on “54: Taking His Own Sweet Time

  1. Dear M, Growing up is a long, hard process. A part of it is having the courage to realize your poor choices, asking forgiveness from those you have hurt, and then turning away from those poor choices. It's not “giving in” or “losing” if you CHOOSE to do what is right. Doing what is right is a long lasting pleasure that drinking, drugs, or daring escapades can never match. It's not as hard or degrading as you imagine. If you can pull off all of those other crazy things…this should be easy.

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