53: Dear M…

Dear M,
     I understand you found my little blog.

It must be strange for you to read everything I’ve been thinking and feeling since you left for the military academy. And at 16, you can’t possibly understand the words I write, but I’m hopeful that you can read between the lines and hear how much I miss you and love you. 

     Sometimes it feels like we’re from two different planets revolving in the same crazy universe – and we’re speaking two different languages. Neither one of us “gets” the other. But there is a significant difference between our shared misunderstandings. And it’s a difference you can’t ignore – I’ve had more years in this universe. My eyes have seen more, my heart has felt more, and my brain has learned more. It’s as simple as that, and I still need to protect you.




2 thoughts on “53: Dear M…

  1. Dear M… I envy you. I was a “wild child” myself, and my parents didn't give a damn as they were addicts too. I realize now that my parents could have saved me lots of grief if we'd all just gotten help. I didn't get clean and sober until I was 27, and I CRINGE when I think about the things I've done… the people I ran with, and the circumstances I allowed myself to be in.

    You are BLESSED that your mother gives enough of a damn to want to see you LIVE. Know that your parents are doing what they're doing because they LOVE you, and they want you to live.

  2. M – Straighten up and fly right!!!! Your parents only owe you a roof, clothes and food and NOTHING else!! Bravo to your parents to put your butt in military school!! They get to make ALL your decisions 'til your 18. You may need future visits back to military school. Think 'bout that for a while!


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