52: Thanksgiving: Plan C

My dear French friend, L, often remarks in her beautiful French accent,

“He sure is a tenacious young man.” 
(I suppose that’s one way to put it.)

So now there’s a new request, “Can I go to T’s house for Thanksgiving instead of all you guys picking me up and going to __________ (a city hours from our hometown)?”

     Since we do not want him near the kids who would suck him back into his old calamitous world, we thought about this one too.  In fact, we called Lt. P and asked him his opinion, and he assured us that T is a good kid and would be a good influence on M…Perfect!

[Side note: M always has a plan B, C, and D just in case his Plan A is shot down. The following dialogue, for instance, is synonymous to many past conversations:

“No, M – you may not got to ____’s house.”
“Oh…okay. Well how about if I go to ____’s house instead, you pick us up later, take us to the game, then ____’s  mom will drop me off at home.”

(Hmmm. I like those kids…the mom driving is a friend of mine…)
“Sure, you may do that.”

Later that night, the phone rings,
“Hey, mom.  We’re actually at ____’s house now and no one wants to go to the game, so we’ll just stay here.  You don’t have to pick us up.  Can I just spend the night?”
     Call me naive, but I don’t think he was intentionally lying.  Let’s call him quick-on-his-feet, or resourceful, or a genius at finding ways to get what he wants. Either way – his ideas spew faster than confirmed plans.]
So that brings me back to Thanksgiving at T’s house.  We thought we should touch base with T’s parents, so we asked M to get their phone number.  A few days later, we heard from Lt. P. T’s family wasn’t expecting M at their Thanksgiving table. 
I guess it’s time for Plan C – whatever that is.


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