51: The Day He Finds This

“What if M reads this?”

Well… I don’t know what it will be like when M reads this.

In my fantasy world, he reads this when he’s 30.  He is happy and healthy, and each morning, he wakes up looking forward to his day. Maybe he is married – and she is a nice girl who happens to be his perfect match.  His talks to his brothers and sisters on a regular basis – perhaps even through my former enemy…Facebook. Maybe he and his old friends get together on weekends to watch football games, and they joke around about the miraculous way he survived his wild years.

It would be nice if it played out like that.
In reality, it could look much different.  M could find it today – and he would be furious.  
But, he’s already angry and annoyed by the decisions we’ve made to protect him.  His brain isn’t developed enough to understand why we continue to do what we are doing for him – and that’s okay. 
Parent (n.) – a protector or guardian
(I like when I’m able to remind myself what the real definition of a parent is…and I really like when my friend L reminds me too.) 

2 thoughts on “51: The Day He Finds This

  1. thank you for the reminder that friend is not in the description of parent. I know I am not to be their best friend, however as they get older I slip a little. all the best to you and yours, it is a tough fight. My 2 boys are in the Army, best thing they ever did, they needed that extra push to manhood.

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