49: Warrior Moms Unite

Today was a good day for the team – I found two more Warrior Moms.

Definition: warrior (war-ri-or) noun
     1. a person engaged or experienced in warfare; soldier.
     2. a person who has or has shown great vigor, courage, or aggressiveness, as in politics, athletics … or parenting.

Admittedly, my cape gets crumpled up and thrown in a drawer quite a bit – but finding other parents who have beaten down this crummy path a little bit before me, is extremely reassuring and invigorating.
     It is reassuring because today, a friend confirmed that “…things will get better.”  My goals are attainable – keep M alive, healthy, productive, and safe.
     I am invigorated because today I was reminded that we are not alone in our battle.  My fellow Warrior Moms inspire me.

Tonight, I am so thankful for the strength, courage, and occasional aggressive parenting tactics my friends have lovingly deployed.


One thought on “49: Warrior Moms Unite

  1. This is what your blog is doing for me–providing hope and reminding me that I am not alone. Everything you write regarding your feelings, doubts and so on, reverberates through me. Thank you for your efforts and honesty. I pray your son will thank you one day.

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