45: I Miss Groovy Dude

M never needed an excuse like Halloween to put on a costume. His first trip to a barbershop, he was Batman.  His second trip…Batman again.  Most trips to the grocery store between ages 4 and 5…he wore his bald cap.  He also wore wigs…not “girl” wigs, just funny wigs.

     Many mornings, after excruciatingly painful homework battles, I would be tricked into a smile…he had left his silly, brown wig at the homework table.  You see, M didn’t need a destination outside the house to “get into character.” Some nights I was tutoring Napolean Dynamite, some nights it was some groovy dude, other nights it was just M wearing his Harry Pottter glasses.  
      Night after night we worked together on school work at the dining room table. These homework showdowns were agonizing…for both of us.  M was so easily distracted, and he was always moving – physically and mentally.  If I was lucky, I could get 3 math problems out of him before he’d announce, “Wait.  I have to go get something,”  Or, “Mom, can I just go shoot hoops for 15 minutes?”  
The poor kid struggled so much with school, and tonight I wish I cold talk to him about it.  If I could, I would tell him that I love how many nights we spent at that dining room table together.  I would thank him for trying to teach me how to spin a pencil around my knuckles.  I would thank him for tricking me so many times with fake dead bugs.  And I would thank him for making me smile. I miss him.

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