36: A Sweet Treat at the End of a Roller Coaster

Last night, I was frustrated because he hadn’t written back yet about visiting with Winnie on Saturday. (Grrr.)

Upon waking,I discovered  my cell phone was blinking with a message from him! (Yeah.)

At breakfast, I read the fifteen word email…“can i just come home like everyone else who lives less than 2 hours away?”  (Oh boy.)

As I drove to school, my husband called with news that he too had received an email from M, and it was sweet.  In the note he received, M wrote that during yesterday’s soccer game, the team won 5-0 and he had scored the last goal.  He also told him that his name was announced at the school assembly because he was earning a B+ average. For that, he gets to sleep in an extra hour today. (Oh, my heart.)

There’s more…my parents called me early this morning; they received an email from him too.  He wrote a note similar to the one B received, but it had one more delicious and satisfying line…
          …tell Nene the fudge was really good and everyone loved it.  (Awww.)


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