35: GI Joe and Beanie Baby Wars

After ruminating about not hearing from him in a while, I received a little beacon of hope from my dear friend, B. 

B’s son and M were great friends. My M and B’s M spent hours in their little, sweet, beautiful world of “Playing.” A typical clean-up at the end of a play-date between M and M,  meant unwinding several GI Joe figures from tie-backs on curtains in our living room and picking up dozens of Beanie Babies from the Beanie Baby War they had fought.  (BBW was a  silly game they invented – Directions:  1. Choose your team. –Take  Beanie Baby bucket and dump all of them on the floor; players take turns picking their ammo. 2. Pick which side of the basement you want and build your fortress.  3. Begin war! –Bombard your opponent with a large amount of Beanie Babies.  And since we had an unusually large number of them in our house, the BBW was a war that could take an exceedingly long time to complete.)

Back to my beacon…
Apparently, my M messaged B’s son this week.  He wanted to pass on to his old friend that Winnie, their other playmate, wasn’t doing well. She didn’t have much time left.
                                                            He does care.


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