32: Thank You, Interpreter

My friend N’s simple and perfect words…
     Like all mothers, you simply do not want your child to die.

Thank you, N, for interpreting what my heart, mind, and body have been trying to unveil.  I’ve been dancing around this painful, yet simple fact for months.  I don’t want M to die.
     Yes, that sounds a bit dramatic, and if M read this today, I know what he’d say…”Mom, are you serious?  You are ridiculous.  Why can’t you be normal like everybody else’s mom?”

M, I am like everybody else’s mom…I love you, I’m your mother, and someday I want you to know what it’s like to love your child so much, that you’d go through some temporary pain, just to get him through the scary parts.

We love our kids…and even through the difficult teenage years, they are stuck with that fact.


One thought on “32: Thank You, Interpreter

  1. This reminds me of what I have told some of my friends re: my once-teenager, A–I have said (of her[former]destructive behavior)that I was not going to let her go down without a fight. And I did whatever I thought was necessary to protect and keep her safe and after reading N's words in your blog, to keep her from dying!

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