27: No Easy Answer

People have asked …What happened to make you send him away? 
It’s very difficult to answer the question.  I wish I had a quick one-liner to explain everything.

How do you explain to someone in the grocery store that your son had an unstoppable addiction to alcohol and drugs?
How do you explain in carpool that your son was jeopardizing his safety and the safety of our family?
How do you explain that he was on the verge of being more than just a “user” of drugs, and consequences no longer mattered to him?
How do you explain to his grade school teachers that he had no interest in school and was flunking all of his classes?
How do you explain to your neighbor that we were worried about the possible adverse psychological effects on his little brother?
How do you explain to co-workers the feeling of being just one weekend away from something disastrous?

How can you explain in two minutes what we’ve been experiencing at home over the last few years?
You cant.

I’m sure some people don’t understand, and maybe disagree with our decision – that’s okay. I probably would have felt the same way if I hadn’t been going through this experience for so long.  It’s just hard to explain.


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