24: Moves Like Jagger’s Mom

When I feel strong, this road feels like a challenge I’m ready to conquer.  This morning, Maroon 5 and I were ready for such a parental take-over as we drove away from the house.  My front seat Moves Like Jagger superseded Adele’s Someone Like You.  Loudly, with windows down I sang, “So get in the car…and you want to steer, but I’m shifting gears…”  It’s so funny how that song made me feel powerful.  I don’t know where this morning’s strength came from, but all I know is that when I emailed M this morning, my little note of tough-love felt right.

The original drafts went something like this:

      Dear M, It was nice of you to write me an email with an explanation of what had happened in regards to getting in trouble last night.  You really need to stay away from cadets who are bad influences on you, and spend more time with cadets who are on the right track. You can do it! We’re proud of you. Love you, mom

The final draft of my email this morning went something like this:

     M, I just saw last night’s posting on FB – disgusting. If you don’t clean it up by 6:00 tonight, I go to Lt. P and Sgt. W.  By the way, you did do something wrong.  The drug test was a stolen piece of property, and the test was unauthorized. When are you going to stop this and grow up.  mom

Okay, M.  Get in this car.  You think you’re old enough and mature enough to steer.  Tough – I’m shifting gears.  Love you, mom


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