22: A Strange Thank You

I hope this is just a hiccup.

Just a short time ago, I was on the phone with a fellow warrior mom when I ignored my cell phone ringing in the other room. Seconds later I ignored the phone call that tried to interrupt my conversation with my girlfriend.  After hanging up from J, I checked the number I had just ignored, but I didn’t recognize it.  Curious, I called the mystery number back and M answered, “Hey, mom.”  With much enthusiasm, I sang his name back to him. (Could this be the phone call that signifies the completion of the coveted Hat Brass?) My mind reeled with excitement…until he said,
      I’m calling because I got in trouble tonight.

“What did you do?” slipped out in a defeated whisper.

       Two weeks ago, my friend got two drug tests from the infirmary…

At this point I could hear his Second Lieutenant interrupt him in the background.  M corrected himself and tried again,

     He stole two drug tests, he gave one to me, I did the test in the bathroom and left it there.  Someone just found it tonight.

Dumbfounded I asked, “Have you been doing drugs since you’ve been up there?

     No mom.  I just wanted to see if they were still in my system.  

“Did the test come out positive?”

     Yes  – But when I took the test it had only been 10 days since I did anything. I knew it could take 30 days to get them out of  my system; I just wanted to see if I was clean yet.

“Are you clean now?”

     Yes.  Mom, that test that came out positive was 2 weeks ago.  I’m clean now.

At this point he said that when I’m done talking to him, Lt. P would like me to give him a call.  I wasn’t ready to hang up yet, so I added, “I’m disappointed, M. You need to put your old ways behind you.  You have so much greatness ahead of you – don’t ruin it by going back to your old ways.”  He defended himself,

     Mom.  I didn’t do anything tonight – it was two weeks ago that I did it.  I just left the test in the bathroom and someone just found it tonight.

I called Lt. P and I repeated everything M said to me.  I added, “We just know not to believe him.  He has lied in these situations before, and we have learned not to be fooled.”

The lieutenant’s response surprised me because he didn’t agree with me.  He explained, “I have seen him try hard this week, and I believe everything he said.  But I’m still going to make him regret he made that decision.  I will make this one of the worst weekends he’s ever had. I have a list of assorted details for him.”

What a strange place for a mother to be.  An officer just told me that he’s going to make my son’s weekend miserable.  And I thanked him.


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