13: Grocery Store Therapy

Truth is, I don’t remember much about the first leg of my drive home from work today. However, I am certain that as my minivan drove me to the grocery store, that darn, persistent whisper came back into my mind, got stuck in my throat, then burned my eyes.
     Quickly, I toughened up and got it together. No time for that;  I still need to shop, cook, clean, talk to B, study for a social studies test with K, grade papers, sleep.

      The forgettable drive to the store continued and before I knew it, I found myself in the dairy section. While staring at milk, she appeared.  (This is not the first time the right person, at the right time landed directly in front of my grocery cart.) As my friend and I chatted about recent turmoil, I found myself shrinking again.  You see, every time I talk about M, my back starts to crumble.  It starts with a dull, lower back ache, then develops into a sharper pain that begs me to curl into a ball. (This must look strange, but luckily it only happens when I’m talking to friends.)  Wait a minute…This only happens when I’m talking about M.  How weird.  I explain this realization to my Dairy Angel.
     At first I didn’t recognize the look in her eyes, but then I got it and agreed, “Thank you, V.  I will do a better job at taking care of myself.  I promise.


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