11: A Pretty Good Sized Flame

I didn’t see this coming.
The phone rang an hour ago. I picked it up and heard, “Mam, this is Lieutenant Patrick…” (The hair near my elbows started to tingle.  I don’t know why my body has been reacting in these strange ways lately.)  His last phone call was to inform us of the rules M had broken.  I finally uttered, “…Yes?”

          Mam, I’d like to report that your son has made positive changes in the last couple days.  (My mouth let out a sound similar to air coming out of a popped tire.)
           There’s a real good kid in there; we just had to light a fire under him to get it out.

On the brink of tears, I reply, “We’ve tried so hard to light that fire at home, but we couldn’t get it going.” Lieutenant Patrick responded,

          Well, let’s just say we had to get a pretty good sized flame under him.

M is considered a “Recruit at Training.” The first and most significant achievement of a Recruit at Training is earning his or her Hat Brass.  I recall reading somewhere on their website that it typically takes RATs anywhere from a couple days to a couple weeks to earn this achievement.  Lt. Patrick informed me that he hadn’t earned his Hat Brass yet, but he assures me that he is close.

This is the best Friday night I’ve had in a long time.


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