7: Just Two Questions

     The text arrived with the deceiving tone of my happy text alert ring.  It began…

     2 questions…Why did you read my spiral I wrote in and tell the world? And why was I the only kid whose parents never showed up for parents weekend?


In random order, here are some of the thoughts that begin flooding your mind:

  • How did he know I found his journal?
  • Didn’t he realize that if we came, it would set him back to week 1?
  • Will he ever forgive me?
  • Why would you even want us there if you are mad at us?
  • Didn’t someone let him know ahead of time that we would not be coming?
  • How can you be mad at me…that journal had shocking proof of  potential danger looming.
  • Was this a Facebook thing again? (Recent evil has always pointed back to the dreaded fb.)
  • What’s wrong with me?

     As a teacher, the term Essential Question is familiar.  As a mother of a teenager, the term Stupid Question is familiar.
It’s essential to keep my “Mother of a Teenager” hat on today.


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